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Larry Collins (John Lawrence Collins, Jr.),   (born Sept. 14, 1929, West Hartford, Conn.—died June 20, 2005, Fréjus, France), American journalist and author who , had a fruitful partnership with French writer Dominique Lapierre, and the two produced a number of best-selling, scrupulously researched page-turners based on historical events.

larry collins

Their first book, Is Paris Burning? (1965; filmed 1966), centred on Adolf Hitler’s question to a German general as to whether his directive to torch the city had been carried out. Other successful Collins-Lapierre collaborations includedOr I’ll Dress You in Mourning (1967), O Jerusalem! (1972), Freedom at Midnight(1975), The Fifth Horseman (1980), and Mountbatten and the Partition of India(1982).

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