Dimebag Darrel

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Darrell Lance Abbott, also known by his stage names “Diamond Darrell” or “Dimebag Darrell”, was born August 20, 1966 in Arlington, Tx. Darrell is best known for being a key founding member in both Pantera and Damageplan.

Dimebag Darrel

Along with his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul (Abbott), the two formed Pantera in 1981. Although there were a few different incarnations of the band, the official line up would include bassist Rex Rocker and vocalist¬†Terry Glaze / Terrence Lee. For much of the eighties Pantera had more of a glam metal sound, but by 1985, with the release of Pantera’s third album, ‘I am the Night’, the songs were beginning to take on a more heavier approach. The band released three independent albums before Terry Glaze decided to leave the band. After trying a couple of different vocalists, the band finally found the perfect fit in Phil Anselmo. In 1988 Pantera released their first and only independent record with Phil. The album, entitled “Power Metal”, sold approximately 50,000 copies without the help of a major label. Overall, Pantera were quite successful as an independent band, selling more than 125,000 copies collectively. While bands like Slayer, Megadeth, and Metallica helped shape Pantera’s musical direction, the band eventually created their own post-thrash, “groove” metal sound.


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